The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II - 2nd June 1953

some memories

and Sixty Years on?

The Union Jack is renamed the Union Flag by the BBC and reviled by the political elite but loved by the people, as the 60th Jubilee celebrations showed. The nationalist Scots would keep the Queen, reject their fellow Scots that run Whitehall, embrace the Scandinavians and be crushed under the heel of Brussels. The non-nationalist Scots will carry on doing what they have always done, quietly running the rest of the world!

Bunting now only comes in plastic on a roll and is probably made in China. The haberdasher's was demolished to make way for sheltered housing. The Royal Cipher, like all our heraldic devices, is slowly vanishing, to be replaced by trendy logos with a half-life of six months and a cost of millions. Germany appears to be wedded to its heraldry, however. Christmas tree lights are no longer as multi-coloured but are white, under the continental influence or of the limited colour range of light emitting diodes.

Jam pans, jelly pans, preserving pans. Along with Kilner Jars have become almost luxury items for the Aga Set, rather than a housewife's essential. I saw an empty jam jar and lid for sale at 49p recently. Cheap jam, (do they use sugar?), can be got for 22p and includes a free jar and lid.

Special issue coins are still a big confidence trick. Nobody spends them and so many are coined that their value never rises. Some things don't change.  

Two percent of the population of Pakistan are Christian yet Pakistan remains a 'Muslim' country. Two percent of the population of the UK claim to be Muslims, so we have become 'multi-cultural'. Nobody would dare suggest giving every child a bible now for fear of upsetting the political elite.

Get your mugs! Genuine China china mugs, none of that Potteries stuff anymore!

Muffins, over-sized, 'cup cakes'. What happened to our muffins? What happened to our 'fairy cakes'? What happened to our 'Cookery Books'? If our American cousins can cope with "Le Répertoire de la Cuisine" I'm sure they can cope with "Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book". Goodness knows what turncoat thought up "Ma Broon's Cook Book". Waste ground, do we still have any? That particular bit became a parade of shops. Our road in 1953 was visited by the milk van, bread van, (horse and petrol), laundry van, dustbin lorry, coal merchant and a Post Office Telephones van and that was about the lot. A few years later a tipper lorry and a chemical company lorry used to park up at night. Otherwise the roads were essentially clear for us. Now I think it is more or less continuous lines of cars on either side. The milk, bread, laundry and coal vehicles have all but disappeared. The dustbin lorry, manned by a team that would collect heavy coal ash from your back yard, has become a recycling truck. Woe betide you if your light-weight plastic bag or box isn't within a metre of the roadside.


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