James Shaw + Agnes Baillie

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Parents Grandparents
James Shaw ‎(I0837)‎
Birth 18 June 1812 48 43 Cumbernauld, Scotland
Death 29 January 1861 ‎(Age 48)‎ Cumbernauld, Scotland
James Shaw ‎(I0417)‎
Birth 13 October 1763 Kilsyth, Stirling, Scotland
Death 6 August 1854 ‎(Age 90)‎ Cumbernauld, Scotland
Janet Jaffrey ‎(I0418)‎
Birth 1769
Death 7 March 1853 ‎(Age 84)‎

Agnes Baillie ‎(I0852)‎
Birth 13 September 1831 Shotts, Lanark, Scotland
Margaret Down ‎(I0854)‎

Family Group Information   (F261)
Marriage 17 July 1855 Cumbernauld, Scotland

Show Details Source: Marriage Entry for James Shaw and Agnes Baillie

Citation Details:  1855 Marriages in the Parish of Cumbernauld No. 10
  Text: On Seventeenth of July 1855 at Whitelees, Cumbernauld. James Shaw, Glenhead, Cumbernauld, 43, Farmer. Born but not registered June 18th 1812 at Abronhill, Cumbernauld. James Shaw, Farmer, Deceased. Janet Shaw, ms. Jaffray, Deceased. Agmes Baillie, Whitelees, Cumbernauld, 24. Born not registered September 13th 1831 at Bankhead, Shotts. William Baillie, Farmer. Margaret Baillie ms. Down. John Baillie, witness. Charles Richard, witness.