Asleep In The Deep

Stormy the night and the waves roll high,
Bravely the ship doth ride,
Hark! while the lighthouse bell's solemn cry
Rings over the sullen tide.
There on the deck see two lovers stand,
Heart to heart beating, and hand to hand;
Though death be near, she knows no fear
While at her side is one of all most dear

Loudly the bell in the old tower rings,
Bidding us list to the warning it brings 
sailor, take care -  sailor, take care
Danger is near thee, beware, beware,  beware, beware
Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep, 
so beware, beware
Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep,
so beware, beware

What of the storm when the night is over
There is no trace or sign.
Save where the wreckage hath strewn the shore
Peaceful the sun doth shine.
But when the wild raging storm did cease,
Under the billows two hearts found peace
No more to part  no more of pain
The bell may now tell its warning in vain. 


Henry W. Petrie/Arthur J. Lamb

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